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Joe’s Testimonials


“Joe is one of the most loyal people I have ever met in business. He is passionate about his business life and any organisation would be lucky to have him on their team”

Simon Ward
Tauro Capital

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“Joe is one of the very few people I have worked with who has the ability to engage all stakeholders and get the job done to an exceptionally high standard.”

Brianna Vidal
Affinity Marketing


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“Joe is a very hard working, focused and dependable executive. If I had a role for him in my organisation I would hire him.”

Dan Liszka
Managing Director
Alchemy Equities


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“Joe worked as the Business Development Manager for ASSOB. I was extremely impressed with his efficiency, capability and performance.”

Tony Puls
Australian Small Scale Offerings Board


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“Joe is passionate, personable, and has integrity in spades. He is the consummate all-rounder in that he can see the big picture but also sweats the detail which is why I believe he could add value to any team.”

Adam Rockett
Managing Director


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“Joe was an invaluable asset to our organisation and we worked closely with him on growing our business nationally. In his work, Joe has demonstrated a high level of professionalism, integrity and commitment.”

James Skinner
Managing Director
Jenepe Capital


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“Of all the people I have hired in the past 18 years, Joe was my best hire ever. If Joe is sitting in your office in relation to a role you are considering him for, hire him immediately. You won’t find another like him.”

Adam Hudson
Australian Small Scale
Offerings Board


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“Joe is highly skilled in Business Development and in communicating and motivating other people. His work ethic is of the highest calibre and I found that people love to do business with him.”

Peter O’Neill
Managing Director
Lextar Capital


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“I have known Joe for 7 years and worked with him directly and indirectly. I found him to be a thorough and conscientious person. He was always looking out side the square for ways to develop the company. I would not hesitate to re-employ him if the opportunity existed.”

Terry Richards
General Manager (Former)
Australian Small Scale
Offerings Board


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“Joe is a highly successful business developer. His role in building ASSOB during its early years was pivotal to its success and its current position as a strong and viable platform for capital raising. His natural enthusiasm and belief in the business model was contagious and very much assisted me in building my client base”

Tony Pittorino


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“Joe is intelligent, dedicated and passionate. He has a work ethic second-to-none and has a warm, personal approach, which both my staff and I greatly appreciated during the ‘start-up’ phase of commencing our new commercial venture.”

Surya Kant
Minc Services


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“I worked closely with Joe on many assignments involving capital raising and corporate governance for unlisted public companies. I found Joe to be a person of integrity, honesty and totally dedicated to his role.”

Adrian Cran
Managing Director
Corporate Outcomes Group


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“I have known Joe both on a personal and business level for over a decade. He has dealt with our company across this time – his enthusiasm and passion for all that he does is infectious”

Russell Fryer
Team Leader
Hutchinson Builders


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“Over the years it has been a pleasure to have business contact with Joe Olejnik. He is one of only a few individuals who is truly professional about their sales and marketing roles. His energetic, positive and genuine approach to developing relationships are key ingredients to his ongoing sales and marketing success.”

John Dunleavy
Intertrade Advisors

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“Joe was the BDM at ASSOB when I applied to become an ASSOB Sponsor in early 2010. From the first conversation I found Joe to be an excellent communicator and highly professional, with a broad knowledge of commerce and capital markets. Joe would be a great asset to any company – I only wish I was in a position to employ him myself.”

Steve Hartley
Executive Director

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“Joe’s commitment to the quality of the end result, and customer relations is his strength. JJ Richards prides itself on professionalism, and Joe was able to provide a regular, consistent solution that achieved this requirement. I have no hesitation in recommending Joe to any organisation.”

Darrell Corbett
Strategic Development Manager
JJ Richards


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“It gives me great pleasure to recommend Joe to any company looking for that competitive edge. Joe’s knowledge of business, marketing, websites and copywriting is the best I have seen. He will be the best acquisition you ever make to your company – if you don’t hire him then your competitors will.”

Steve Moreels
Envirotech Pressure Cleaning

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“As the Director of a growing eWaste Recycling Company, I have regularly sought Joe’s business advice. It has been invaluable to be able to tap into the skills Joe has developed through his business career. If you are seeking an exceptionally focused and passionate team member then you must seek to meet with Joe. You will be thoroughly impressed.”

Brett Hyde
Managing Director

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